pet rabbit Dec 04, 2019

Pet Rabbit Care

Rabbits as Pets

This page is a must-read if you're still wondering if you'd make a good rabbit owner. Learn about the nature and habits of rabbits, and see if you'd like to fit a pet rabbit into your life and schedule.

Pet Bunny Care

Nine Valuable Tips covering all the essentials of pet bunny care. How to best take care of your pet bunny rabbit? It's easy:

A good strong cage, with dimensions suggested by ND State University

Give it clean living spaces, plus ideas on disinfection, bedding and cage enhancements

Keep the stress level low

Rabbit-proof the house

Give healthy and fresh foods

Don't overfeed, and here's how to know you're feeding enough

Don't let the water run dry

Ideas for cheap (or free) rabbit toys

Do your rabbit chores daily

The page contains a lot of info; you can scan the headers and find the info you need.

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Rabbit Care Checklist for New Pet Owners

This pet rabbit care information list will make it easy to get started confidently caring for your new pet bunny.

Baby Rabbits

This is a checklist for weaning rabbits and buying bunnies. This page will also help dispel some myths and misconceptions about when to wean and at what age your baby rabbits are ready to sell (or purchase).

Taking Care of Pet Bunny Rabbits

How to ensure healthy physical surroundings for your pet rabbit. Keep your pet bunny rabbit safe from predators and other dangers.

Toys for Rabbits

An experienced rabbit owner explains why toys may be good for your rabbits and offers advice on buying or making your own rabbit toys.

How to Trim Rabbit's Claws

Trimming claws is something you can do yourself with the right tools and tips.

Rabbit Feet

This page addresses the relationship between various types of rabbit cages, both solid-floored and wire floored and the ability of rabbit feet to remain healthy and free of sores. 

Rabbit Teeth and Malocclusion

Rabbit teeth never stop growing. If they become misaligned, either from an injury, a genetic defect, or possibly an inadequate diet, they will need frequent attention. 

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