Rabbit Health Photo by Bebo

Rabbit Health

Rabbit Care Basics in First Aidsed

In our first aid box we keep supplies that can be used immediately if a rabbit is sick or injured. Here are the items we feel need to be on hand to tackle an emergency.

Herbal Health Care for Rabbits

Herbs are a wonderful way to supplement your rabbits feed. The nutrients in herbs will help rabbits stay healthy and build strong immune systems. I particularly like to give my rabbits fresh or dried Thyme. Thyme is a great support for respiratory health. Parsley, Lemon Balm and Oregano are also favorites in our rabbit family. I highly recommend regular additions of fresh or dried herbs as part of your rabbit care basics.

Other Treats

We try to bring treats to our rabbits frequently but not every day. In addition to their pellets, hay, herbs and water, I bring an occasional banana, strawberry tops, fresh greens (leaf lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard) and apple slices. Fruit can lead to runny poo if given too often therefor, keep fruit as an occasional treat.

Your rabbits will love being part of the family and the farm life. Many farms have a breeding pair or two that provide meat for the family table. Other people raise Angora rabbits for spinning fiber. Our Rabbits are currently enjoying pet status on the farm, and we have one rabbit who retired to our house. Once you provide the rabbit care basics you are ready to start raising rabbits for your homestead. Are you raising rabbits? Would you consider rabbits as a part of your homesteading journey? What would you add to the rabbit care basics discussed here?

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